Nietzsche and Approaches to Ethics

8th-9th July 2008, University of Southampton

A two day conference as part of the University’s Nietzsche and Modern Moral Philosophy research project.
This is the second conference forming part of a 3 year project, supported by the AHRC, the aim of which is to bring together Nietzsche scholars and contemporary moral theorists so to assess both the challenge Nietzsche poses to modern moral philosophy and the resources available to modern moral philosophy for responding to that challenge.

8th-9th July 2008

Confirmed speakers
Jessica Berry (Georgia State), ‘Nietzsche’s Retreat from Ethics: The Skeptical Foundations of Nietzsche’s ‘Immoralism'”

Allan Gibbard (Michigan), title tbc

Robert Louden (Maine), ‘Phantom Duty? Nietzsche versus Koenigsbergian Chinadom’

Mark Migotti (Calgary), ‘Bearing Life Lightly, Taking Life Seriously: On the Ethical Significance of Nietzsche’s Schopenhauer Crisis’

Robert Pippin (Chicago), ‘Nietzsche on the Possibility of Self-Deception’

Peter Poellner (Warwick), ‘Aestheticist Ethics’

Aaron Ridley (Southampton), title tbc

Alan Thomas (Kent), ‘Nietzsche and Moral Fictionalism’

Avenue Campus, University of Southampton.

More informations and registrations here

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