Jeffrey Metzger (ed.): Nietzsche, Nihilism And The Philosophy Of The Future

Continuum Studies in Continental Philosophy, London, New York, Continuum International, March 2013, 222 p.

Table of Contents

1 Nietzsche’s Double Rhetoric: Which Nihilism?, Stanley Rosen

2 Toward a New Aristocracy: Nietzsche contra Plato on the Role of a Warrior Elite, Michael Allen Gillespie

3 Nietzsche: Nihilism and Neo-Gnosticism, Stanley Corngold

4 Nietzsche – Rhetoric – Nihilism: “Every Name in History” – “Every Style” – “Everything Permitted” (A Political Philology of the Last Letter), Geoff Waite

5 Does That Sound Strange to You? Education and Indirection in Essay III of On the Genealogy of Morals, Daniel Conway

6 Free Spirits and Free Thinkers: Nietzsche and Guyau on the Future of Morality, Keith Ansell-Pearson

7 How Deep Are the Roots of Nihilism? Nietzsche on the Creative Power of Nature and Morality, Jeffrey Metzger

8 Nietzsche and the Impossibility of Nihilism, James I. Porter

9 Nietzsche, Contingency, and the Vacuity of Politics, Robert Guay

Nietzsche, Nihilism And The Philosophy Of The Future
Edited by Jeffrey Metzger
Continuum International, London/New York, nov. 2009, 222 pp.
ISBN HB: 978-1-8470-6556-8

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