Nietzsche Circle

The Nietzsche Circle is a philosophical community whose primary concern is to interrogate all dimensions of aesthetics, to respond to the crisis of art and reflect on art’s bearing on life, which concerned Nietzsche from his first to his last works. The Nietzsche Circle is devoted to the question: What kind of art is vital to our existence?

The NC is a not-for-profit organization with a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) status based in New York City, which brings together a variety of workers of Geist (philosophers, artists, writers, poets, filmmakers, et cetera) to engage with Nietzsche’s work. As Foucault said of Nietzsche, “the only valid tribute to his thought . . . is precisely to use it, deform it, to make it groan and protest.” We are not interested in sanctifying Nietzsche, but in following our own paths and transforming his work, of living with the questions which he raised and pursuing them further.

Through festivals, workshops, lectures, and conferences as well as other events, we will continue to explore and investigate Nietzsche’s work and the various manifestations it leads to in the arts and sciences. Out of this engagement with Nietzsche’s philosophy, we seek not only more acute understanding of his work, but to instigate the creation of entirely new works, whether theoretical, or artistic, in different fields of culture.

Presently, NC publishes one journal through its website, which are peer reviewed: The Agonist: A Nietzsche Circle Journal., The Agonist features essays, interviews, and book reviews. The website contains information on NC activities and biographical and bibliographical information on Nietzsche.

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