International Nietzsche Research Group (GIRN / INRG)

The International Nietzsche Research Group (INRG, also known as the Groupe International de Recherches sur Nietzsche / Gruppo Internazionale di Ricerche su Nietzsche, GIRN) was founded by Giuliano Campioni and Patrick Wotling. It originates in extensive collaborative research among French and Italian Nietzsche scholars.
The group is directed by Giuliano Campioni (University of Pisa, Italy), Werner Stegmaier (Ernst Moritz Arndt Universität, Greifswald, Germany), Scarlett Marton (Universidade de São Paulo, USP) and Patrick Wotling (University of Reims, France), and coordinated by Dr. Chiara Piazzesi (Pisa) and Dr. Céline Denat (Reims). It is supported by the Centro ‘Colli-Montinari’ di Studi su Nietzsche (University of Pisa and University of Lecce, Italy) and the Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherches sur les Langues et la Philosophie (CIRLEP, EA 3794, University of Reims).
Its aim is to promote international cooperation in research into the writings and philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. The group’s work pays particular attention to the critical edition of Nietzsche’s writings, founded by Giorgio Colli and Mazzino Montinari, and to its significant implications for Nietzsche studies. The group also emphasises the wealth of approaches to Nietzsche’s philosophy that have developed in different academic and national traditions, both within and beyond Europe, and which have resulted in important and innovative recent studies. In the belief that international dialogue is necessary for both research development and research training, then, the group aims to promote dialogue between these different approaches, and continuing research collaboration among scholars in Britain, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain, as well as other members that have recently joined from other countries.

In order to promote engagement between different methodologies and the deepening of our understanding of Nietzsche’s philosophy and works, the group works on the numerous readings which influenced his thought, on the form and content of his published and unpublished writings, and on the development of the philosophical issues and approaches that characterise his thought.
The INRG / GIRN also contributes to promoting the translation of Nietzsche’s texts and the publication of scholarly books and articles dedicated to both philosophical and philological aspects of his works. Conferences, workshops, seminars, and presentations are organised periodically in Italy, France, and Germany, to allow the members of the group and other interested scholars to meet and develop their work, and to publicise the work of the group.

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