2018 Annual Conference of the Nietzsche Gesellschaft

11-14 October 2018, Naumburg an der Saale

„Without future, without memories, Thus I sit here“ (ZaIV)
Friedrich Nietzsche between History and Memory
29. Internationaler Nietzsche-Kongress
11. bis 14. 10. 2018 in Naumburg/Saale

Scientific coordination:
Anthony Jensen (Providence) – Carlotta Santini (Berlin)

History and memory rank as central themes in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. As one of the last philosophers of the 19th Century, Nietzsche naturally belongs to the so-called ‘historical century’. The contentious exchange with the past and with antiquity – as much as the mechanisms, the dangers, and the lessons of memory and tradition – are continually examined and stand in close relationship with Nietzsche’s vision of life and his project of human development. As Jacob Burckhardt once wrote of the cultural critique to his Basel colleague: “Fundamentally, you are always teaching history” (13.09.1982). Following Burckhardt’s judgment, the 2018 Jahrestagung of the Nietzsche Gesellschaft will focus on the analysis of core questions in the philosophies of history and memory, and their respective convergence in the thought of Nietzsche. The epistemological relevance of these central concepts will be thematized alongside those concerning history, forgetting, memory, tradition, and education. The discussion of these rich themes unifies a broad spectrum of questions, from that of cultural memory and contemporary philosophy of mind to a reconstruction of Nietzsche’s sources and reception. Key Speakers: Jan Assmann (Basel), Christoph Schuringa (London), Vanessa Lemm (Sidney), Aviezer Tucker (Boston), Didier Franck (Paris), Hubert Thüring (Basel), Hans Ruin (Stockholm), Carlotta Santini (Cambridge), Anthony Jensen (Providence), Martin Saar (Frankfurt am Main).

Panels :
A) History as “Geschichte” or “Historie”
B) Memory between “Erinnern” and “Vergessen”
C) Traditions and their Critique
D) Education and ‘Mnemotechnik’
E) Sources and Reception

Applications (in German or English language) for the panel sections with Abstract (max. 500 words) and CV until 31.05. 2018.


Calls for papers – Nietzsche-Gesellschaft (PDF)



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