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Special Issue on Friedrich Nieztsche. "Nietzsche and Style". Guest editor: Benedetta Zavatta

The concept of style takes on central importance in Nietzsche’s philosophy and finds a multiplicity of applications. He often communicates his thoughts using aphorism, poems, parody, satire, and autobiography, and his humor and rhetorical devices function to provoke the reader and to propose a lifestyle. Finally, Nietzsche’s style can be seen as a starting point for a critique of modern literary and musical decadence in which the part takes precedence over the whole. Topics may include, but are not limited to, Nietzsche’s writing style, teaching style, philosophy as a way of life, etc.

One can consider Nietzsche’s philosophy in its totality, or a particular moment of it, a single work, or a series of aphorisms. Nietzsche’s style and its applications can also be investigated in relation to Nietzsche’s interlocutors or sources.

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