Workshop ‘Nietzsche the Kantian?’

Institute for Philosophy, Leiden University, 11-12 February 2011

The workshop ‘Nietzsche the Kantian?’ aims to illuminate the relations between Nietzsche and Kant in the field of ethics by engaging with recent debates in the English-language literature over their conceptions of ‘sovereignty’, ‘freedom’ and the ‘will’. It will respond critically to the currently popular idea that, despite his criticisms of free will, moral responsibility, intentional causality and the ‘subject’ itself, Nietzsche affirms a ‘Kantian’ sense of agency that admits certain positive senses of freedom, responsibility and intentional causality and bases a positive ethics on it.

The workshop will concentrate on Nietzsche’s later writings and will challenge the current emphasis on the ‘sovereign individual’ passage of On the Genealogy of Morality by opening up the discussion to Nietzsche’s treatments of ‘will’, ‘freedom’ and ‘sovereignty’ elsewhere in his published and unpublished work. The workshop will also attempt to correct the caricature of Kant that Nietzsche himself and his commentators often present and to thus provide for more sophisticated and fruitful engagements with Kant and Kantian positions.

It will consist of 30-45 minute presentations of (ideally, pre-circulated) papers, followed by an open discussion guided by chairs.

The workshop is free and open to all interested persons. However, space is limited, so please contact Herman Siemens if you wish to attend:

Workshop organizers
Herman Siemens (Leiden) &
Tom Bailey (John Cabot, Rome)

The workshop was made possible by the generous support of the Institute for Philosophy, Leiden University.

It is the first of a series of workshops on Nietzsche’s relation to Kant, to be held in various European universities.
For information, please contact Tom Bailey (

Confirmed speakers

Dr. Tom Bailey
Department of Philosophy, John Cabot University, and Center for Ethics and Global Politics, LUISS ‘Guido Carli’, Rome
Prof. Marco Brusotti
Department of Philosophy, University of Berlin, and Department of Philosophy, University of Salento
Prof. João Constancio
Department of Philosophy, New University of Lisbon
Prof. Paul Katsafanas
Department of Philosophy, Boston University
Prof. Luca Lupo
Department of Philosophy, University of Calabria
Dr. Sieriol Morgan
Department of Philosophy, Bristol University
Dr. Simon Robertson
Department of Philosophy, University of Stirling
Dr. Herman Siemens
Institute for Philosophy, Leiden University


Nietzsche the Kantian?

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