Werner Stegmaier: Nietzsches Befreiung der Philosophie

Kontextuelle Interpretation des V. Buchs der "Fröhlichen Wissenschaft". Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter, März 2012, 754 p.

Nietzsche accomplished his most mature work of aphorisms in Book V of The Gay Science, published in 1887. It deals with the cheerfulness of the interim period during which the liberation of the spirit from thousands of years of prejudices is achieved, until those who continue to require firm connections for their orientation are caught up by the tragedy of nihilism. Many of the 40 + 1 aphorisms belong to the most prominent in Nietzsche’s work. In this volume, the meaning of their internal and external contexts and their consistently significant literary form are developed, and as a result new depths in Nietzsche’s philosophy become visible.

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