Cadernos Nietzsche / vol.41 no.1 / /Apr. 2020


Table of contents


Notes About an Excerpt Too Much Readed

Trindade Santos, José Gabriel


Nietzsche and Syphilis: Dr. Möbius Polemical Diagnosis

Niemeyer, Christian


Thinking in Opposites: Cultural Criticism of Friedrich Schiller and Friedrich Nietzsche

Gimber, Arno


“We, Gods in Exile!” Heine, Nietzsche and the “Errors” of the Man on Himself

Kaufmann, Sebastian


Nietzsche’s Free Spirit and Schopenhauer’s Genius: a Parallelism

Langone, Laura


“A Dangerous Across.” Tightrope Walker and Jester in Thus spoke Zarathustra

Grätz, Katharina


“A Law of Representation”: Eternal Recurrence of the Same in the Philosophy of Giorgio Colli

Attolini, Rossella


Nietzsche: Stylistics About a New Language of Thought

García, Carmen Gómez



Discovery and Rediscovery of an Itinerant Estate

Nasser, Eduardo


Nietzsche Through his Letters

Costa, Gustavo Bezerra do N.


Cad. Nietzsche vol.41 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Apr. 2020

Print version ISSN 1413-7755On-line version ISSN 2316-8242


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